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Living in a mindful environment: Are you the true master of your own surroundings?

Living in a mindful environment: Are you the true master of your own surroundings?

Images by Louisiana 'The Modern Museum of Art' Denmark & of Norway by photographer Dieter Meyrl from the book Real Nordic Living

There seem to be many hundreds of options available on the market, when it comes to de-stressing or "living in the now," from books to talk shows, but all the choices seem to overshadow people's urgent need to relax and feel calm right now! Even within the 'New Age' category, many are more dependent or urged by their publishers to seek followers on social media, than teach their craft. How do we then manage to get away from harmful environments or find our true inner yearning, when everyone’s stressed out?

We live in a time where our attention span is limited to only a few minutes of focus before we turn our thoughts back on to work, social media, answering e-mails or picking up the phone. How did we suddenly become so stressed – like busy bees, incapable of slowing down or enjoying our own moment? I came to a conclusion that living slower felt more attractive, however alternative some people might find them; there’s something pure about experiencing inner peace through taking a live course with real people. 

Since I currently live in Copenhagen, the choices seemed at first somewhat limited, but none-the-less, once you open Pandora's box, there are a lot more courses and practitioners available than I first imagined. Of course, the landscape is slightly different than the thousands of choices available in the United States, as the Scandinavians’ are not quite there yet when it comes to publicly acknowledging alternative routes to health and self-acknowledging rest.

In the end, I decided to try the course ’Life Mastery’ by Sussanne Wexoe, which is run by the coach, author and radio host, who has a delightfully soothing voice and presence. I was slightly scared of the title that at first seemed quite intimidating. Never-the-less I came to discover a great new group of women, from many different backgrounds, who were all focusing on finding new knowledge, whether that was intended towards their careers, existence, family life or everything in-between. Together we are slowly becoming a tribe of women, who can share our fears, acknowledge our power and stand by our decisions, without even knowing anything at first about each other’s backgrounds, jobs, family, or lifestyle. The simple pleasure of not having to share your identity and begin by ’presenting your story’ is indeed very calming.

You might have heard about Oprah Winfrey’s talk on Gwyneth Paltrow's Podcast Goop – if not I highly recommend listening to that. One of the points they make focus upon how we should help each other instead of defying one another. A lesson I also learned on the first part of the Life Mastery course. Sussanne made sure that we didn’t know the program of each day, which meant none of us had any possibility of rehearsing. It made the experience so much easier, since speaking freely from the heart is often obstructed by clever notes, that don't come from the within. 

We were given several assignments before the beginning of the course, including various meditations, that all together became part of my daily routine. Now I couldn't imagine life without reflection. How did I cope before? You can even look into specific meditations programs, like body scans, which reveal feelings or unbalanced physical parts of your body that you can address. EFT or otherwise known as tapping is another excellent tool that can help you with the relief of minor problems. Self-healing on a new level. 

Once I started to get to know the other lovely women on the course, it turned out that professionals from all walks of life were attending. From nurses to psychotherapists, business-owners, and entrepreneurs. To be able to share and give advice to each other is so extraordinarily soothing and comforting, and I can’t wait to go back for more lessons in the second part of the course. 

Read about the course here

Get Sussanne's life planner here

Finn Juhl's House: "One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can spoil quite a lot with bad ones"

Finn Juhl's House: "One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can spoil quite a lot with bad ones"

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