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Supermodel Ramona Chmura, Shares Her Travel Secrets

Supermodel Ramona Chmura, Shares Her Travel Secrets

We photographed this editorial of the top model Ramona Chmura, in a bohemian Parisian hotel, in the center of old Paris; the city of lights. Always with a suitcase, Ramona is cheerfully traveling the world as a persona full of life and joy with a movie-like character. 

PHOTOGRAPHER Katrine Rohrberg

EDITOR Dorothea Gundtoft

HAIR & MAKEUP Mette Munch

MODEL Ramona Chmura/ Storm

Tell us about starting out as a model, I read that you were scouted on an airplane. How did that happen and why were you going to Bristol? 

Not in an airplane but at the airport. I was visiting some of my family living in the UK and a son of one of the bookers from Next Models - Versace was on a flight with me and when we landed he came up asking if I ever tried modeling. I thought he was trying to flirt with me but he explained his dad works in an agency in London and told me I should come by and meet him. 

You had an incredible first season, with shows like Stella McCartney, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and later the long list such as Jil Sander and Kenzo. What was it like?

I did some acting and travelling before I started modeling but still this world was quite new to me. Suddenly I was working around top models and fashion designers I knew only from the TV. It was a little overwhelming but very exciting! 

You told us on set, that you had done some acting, and that you might be moving in that direction. Can you tell us about that experience and if you are working on any projects? 

I used to play in the theatre as a child and young teenager when I was still living in Poland. I remember it as a great fun and I'm still missing that part of my life. I really wish I will have a chance do some acting in the future but I'm still quite busy with modeling. For now I started to take pronunciation studio classes to work a little on my English!  

Since ND is focused on Design, Travel and Experiences, do you have any recommendations for places to visit, hotels or your favourite locations you have shot in? 

I don't know where to start with this question! The amazing thing about modeling is that it really gives you a chance to see and travel the whole world from China to Australia. There are so many places in the world worth seeing but the closest to my heart will be always Italy. Milan, Florence, Capri - I have a big sentiment for. Of Recently visited places I would recommend Koh Samui in Thailand. The best place for snorkeling! 

Can you tell us about your favorite places to eat, hang-out, party in the city you live in, London? 

London is a city where everybody will find what they fancy. If you're a foodie like me it is heaven. For a special treat my favourite posh restaurant is "Scots" in Mayfair , a seafood place with a long tradition of serving the best oysters ever. For a casual budget eatery I recommend the Gourmet Burger Kitchen chain. Just Yummy. For shopping go to Selfridges. A shopping center where especially during the post season sales you can get bargain deals on plenty of designer clothing. Soho is the best hang out area. Packed with theatres, bars and clubs it is always buzzing till late hours. If you're there pop into the restaurant called "La Bodega Negra" for some delicious Mexican, Rock & Roll music and the best tequila. It's a spot liked by many celebrities but is still affordable and low key.

If you had a friend who had never been to London or your home country, where would you tell them to go to? 

I would tell them to knock to my doors so I could show them around :) 

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