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Nicola Formichetti, The Creative Director of Diesel

Nicola Formichetti, The Creative Director of Diesel

We were lucky to catch the worldly recognised designer, international super stylist and creative director of Diesel, Nicola Formichetti: The Italian-Japanese fashion editor (in short) is also well-known for his work at Tierry Mugler, which was changed to Mugler under Nicola Formichetti's vision of the brand. Many audiences outside of fashion might also know him for his active role as the supervisor and creative director behind the many looks of international singer Lady Gaga. Apart from his mindblowing career he is also working as the fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan, and has been named as ''One of the most influential creative forces working in fashion today''. He received the Isabella Blow award by the British Fashion Council in 2010. Nicola Formighetti grew up in between the bustling Tokyo and the cinematic city of Rome. He moved to London to study architecture; a hidden excuse to explore the underground party scene and take inspiration from the happenings and high fuelled nightlife- he moved into the world of fashion via a job as Katy Englands right hand man and eventually as the fashion director at Dazed & Confused. This lead to international magazine jobs and clients ranging from Alexander McQueen to Nike. I dare to say that he is one of the top names regarding stylists in the fashion world and if you were to mention 3, his name would come up. 

ND: You went from working as an editor to working as a designer with Diesel, - in today's day and age the connection seems to be closer than ever, but how do you experience the two sides and the versatility?  

 Nicola: I feel that now there is no borders anymore in the world, creativity has no limit today.  If you believe in what you are doing and work hard its going to be a very fun ride. 

ND: Can you tell us about your daily process working as the Artistic Director of Diesel?

Nicola: I tend to spend most of the day in my atelier - working on the new collections. Also I have lots of meetings talking about the new store concepts, campaigns, events etc…its non stop work but fun! 

ND: Nicola, Can you please tell me all about the process of designing Jogg Jeans for Diesel?

Nicola: One morning - Renzo Rosso, the founder of Dielsen, came up with this cool idea, in the car while driving to work! 

ND: The hybrid fabric that Jogg jeans is made from - how did you develop this fabric?    

Nicola: We’ve been experimenting for a while now - to get that perfect balance of denim and jersey - now its perfection . I can’t take them off me! 

ND: Can you tell us about some of your key items at Diesel, that you especially appreciate?

Nicola: I love my jogg jeans - i wear them everyday non stop they are so comfortable.

ND: Where would you like to take Diesel as a brand, what are your next steps?

Nicola: I want diesel to be the coolest brand on the planet!! 

Graphic and bold, the image is inspired by JoggJean’s edgy hybrid fabric tailored for modern hybrid lifestyles. This technically advanced jersey-denim is woven from three threads, and can be treated like denim to achieve diverse dyeing, washing and distressing effects. Soft and comfortable as a pair of sweatpants with the high quality and durability of denim, JoggJeans are designed to be put through their paces. They are built for contemporary, multi-tasking, always-moving everyday lives.

Diesel first launched JoggJean’s technology in 2011, evolving and refining the fabric courtesy of its pioneer washes and treatments. Initially worn by customers with active lifestyles and frequent travelers, JoggJeans has now established a following by denim enthusiasts.

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Chinese, Copenhagen based Fashion Designer, Mark Tan

Chinese, Copenhagen based Fashion Designer, Mark Tan

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